Sebastian Joseph | @sbstnvns

I love this truck, this is classic NYC.

'Oh Snap!' Truck

Credit Rosalie Best

The Clock Show was great!  I really enjoyed the work that was in it!  Sometimes I feel like kind of a jerk making paintings no one wants but hey I'm gonna keep on keepin' on.  It was very nice to be a part of this, Andrew and Bill, Strand Fine Art's gallerists, are wonderful!  It was nice to have three of my pieces in the show, and they gave me a lot of real estate, didn't they?!  Here's hoping there are more shows in 2020 and beyond.  These paintings are for sale, $400 each, Canadian. 

We pickled probably around 200 peppers, was fun and they turned out delicious and crunchy!

Sliced them all by hand!

16 jars in the end, gonna give them away.

Thanks for looking!


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